Quest For The Greatest Burger In Johnson County, Kansas

Every Friday, my son indulge in a tradition begun about five years ago:  father son lunch.  We have missed an odd Friday every once in a great while, but for the most part, we’ve kept them faithfully.  It’s our time to spend together as two guys, and we use the outing to talk about anything and everything.  My son can talk about whatever he likes without any fear of reprimand or correction.  The normal rules are relaxed.  It’s just two guys hanging out and having lunch together.  For instance, he can talk about a fight or argument he had with one of his friends, and I’m not going to start lecturing him about how he needs to act with other people.

We have a few tried and true places where we like to eat, and generally, it’ll be one of those establishments we choose for our Friday outing.  Sometimes, though, we will go try something new.  Yesterday was one of those occasions.  I’d been hearing every now and then about a burger joint up in Prairie Village, and the word was they served the best burgers around.  My son, the ten year old ‘burgermeister’, wanted to try it and see if they lived up to the hype.  He had his own personal favorites, and he was doubtful as to whether any new upstart would be able to top them.

The name of the establishment is Bgr Kitchen, located at 83rd and Mission Road.  We arrived there almost on the dot at noon.  Our first impression, even before we looked at the menu, was that it was too loud.  Bgr Kitchen is an indoor/outdoor place, but no matter where one sat, it seemed hard to hear anything, what with the music blaring from the speakers.  The place was fairly full also, and buzzing with conversation.  It was loud enough that we almost entertained leaving and finding somewhere else to have lunch.  My son has a hearing loss and wears hearing aids, and I have a hearing loss in my right ear.  Generally, we’re not too fond of places where the music and other noise is at a level where we have to shout at each other to make ourselves heard.

I’m glad we stayed.  A couple minutes after sitting down, another family that was there left and we grabbed their table.  It was one of the outdoor tables, and fortunately it was far enough away from the entrance back inside that the music wasn’t so loud and we could hear each other without raising our voices.

The menu was very promising, at least for me.  My son always orders the same burger, no matter wherever he’s at:  meat, cheese, and bread; no condiments of any kind.  I, on the other hand, prefer a sandwich with the works.  After perusing the selections, I chose the Ring of Fire burger, which featured Pepper Jack cheese, Jalapenos, chili, and an onion ring on top.  Generally, I lean towards fiery foods, the hotter the better.  We ordered the Truffle Fries as an accompaniment, which were french fries sprinkled with truffle oil and special seasoning.  I also requested a side of garlic aioli to dip the fries in.  I usually get something like that rather than ketchup.  Never been a ketchup person.

After a wait of about fifteen minutes, our food was delivered.  Finally, the moment of truth.  The first glance at our sandwiches revealed burgers that were huge.  Well, mine anyway.  With the chili and the onion topping the beef, it almost appeared too big to take a bite.  That first bite had to wait a few minutes, though, as it was still too hot from the grill to eat.  I started with the truffle fries instead, and they were delicious.  I’ll definitely get them when I go back.  Well worth the higher price.  Once I finished them off, I was ready for my burger.

When I took my first bite, my first thought was that our conversation was over until I was finished eating.  It was very good.  It was clear they used a high grade of beef to make their burgers, for one thing.  My son agreed with me on that, and he wasted no time polishing off his meal.

After eating there, I think I can safely declare it the best burger place in town.  As far as the burger itself, two other places spring immediately to mind that offer serious competition, and they are Smash Burger and Five Guys.  Those establishments serve up wickedly good food as well.  However, Bgr Kitchen has one major point going for it which puts them a cut above, in my opinion, and that’s the fact the place is not part of a chain.  There’s only one Bgr Kitchen establishment, and it’s in Prairie Village, Kansas.  Personally, I do tend to prefer restaurants that are unique.

Nothing against any chain establishment, necessarily.  Some of my favorite places for dining are restaurants that can be found in many cities.  But nothing beats a good eatery that’s its own place and can be found nowhere else.  After all, that’s what makes Arthur Bryant’s such a famous place.  Want to eat some of Arthur Bryant’s barbecue?  One must travel to Kansas City to do so.

Anyway, I definitely recommend Bgr Kitchen.  They have a large menu, with selections bound to please just about anyone.  For those that like spicier foods, the Ring of Fire burger is a great choice.  There are many other selections for most any taste, and not just with burgers.  One can order catfish, baby back ribs, a turkey sandwich, and a portabella mushroom sandwich, among many other selections.  It’s absolutely worth the time and money to go try their food.  My son and I will definitely be back.


4 thoughts on “Quest For The Greatest Burger In Johnson County, Kansas

    • I bet. It’s an important outing for both of us. The few times it’s happened where we had to miss a Friday, my son gets after me to either make it up or to make sure we don’t miss the next week.

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