Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

For this week’s photo challenge, I’m posting two images.  The first is one that I’ve played around with for a while.  It was a color shot to begin with, then I tried black and white, then I tried tinting it as well as some other special effects.  Nothing really satisfied me.  Finally I cropped it some and changed it to sepia, and I think the result is the best I’ve done with the photo.  Hope y’all like it.  The second photo is one that I took in New Orleans on vacation last year, and it’s one of several I think captures some of the mood of the Big Easy.

The Daily Routine

Copyright: Stephen Ventura, September 2012

Play Dat Music

Copyright: Stephen Ventura, September 2012


9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

    • You’re very welcome.

      New Orleans is definitely worth a visit, if one is able. If you do go, I don’t recommend going during Mardi Gras, unless you will be staying with someone who lives there and has local street smarts. It’s definitely not a safe celebration for out of towners to partake in by themselves.

    • Thanks for the compliment! That shot is one of the very few urban scenes, or any scene really with people in it, that I’m happy with. That’s a theme or genre of photography I’m just barely getting my feet wet in. And you’re welcome, in ref to the pingback. You have some great photography at your site, and I’m glad I found it. I love the shot with the two nuns walking up the alleyway. Great image.

      • Thank you, that shot of the nuns is one of my favourites, there´s something about it that works really well! Thank you for your kind words, I´m glad you enjoyed the photos on my page! From what I´ve seen here, you also have some amazing shots, I´m really looking forward to exploring more! G 🙂

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