Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

This one at first stumped me.  I’ve taken tons of pictures, but none of them seemed to fit the theme for this challenge.  Many of the subjects of my photography did hold sentimental value for me, but even so, there weren’t any that I could point to and say “that’s mine!”  I was about at the point where I was going to get something and take a new picture, maybe one of my favorite books, or maybe my pocketknife, or something.  I even thought about taking a picture of my new camera, which has been made clear it’s hand’s off for everyone else.  😀

Then I came across the photo below, and right away I knew this was the one.  It fits the topic of “Mine” perfectly, in my opinion.  In three ways, in fact:  It’s my sock drawer, someone else has laid claim to it, and a third has shown up to dispute that claim.

Copyright: Stephen Ventura, October 2012

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22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

    • The tabby, who I think has the personality of, say, Angela Lansbury in just about any of her movies or the show Murder She Wrote, quite distinctly thinks our black siamese, the obnoxious teenage boy, is nothing short of a menace.

  1. Hi Steve, I think you are right! I can definitely relate to “Jessica Fletcher.” The picture is a perfect one of a cat’s nature!

    • Very possessive! Great pets, though. We had cats when I was growing up, and they’re really the only animal I want for a pet. Nothing against dogs, but I’m definitely a cat person.

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  6. I had a cat that did the same thing. I always said he would find the most comfortable spot in the house. And that he did! Thanks for the like over at my blog. Appreciate it.

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