Introducing Mr. V’s Burgers

I have created a new page on this blog, Mr. V’s Burgers, which can be accessed up top.  Every now and then I’ll post a new burger I have made that I think others may enjoy.  Many of my favorite foods tend to range from spicy to outrageously hot, and the page will reflect that, though there will be some mild ones as well that anyone can eat with no trepidation.

To kick it off, here’s the first one (which will be posted on the page as well):

The Pepper Pot Burger

Copyright: Stephen Ventura, October 2012

This burger is made with a slice of Pepperjack cheese, a good handful of Japapeno slices, and one of my favorite burger toppings, made by mixing mayonnaise with a healthy dollop of Sriracha hot sauce.  The mixture I use is about 2/3 mayonnaise and 1/3 Sriracha.  If you’ve never tried or heard of Sriracha sauce, it’s a hot and tasty concoction from Thailand, and since the time I first tried it, it’s shot almost to the top of my list of favorite hot sauces.  If you have any sauce left after spooning some over your burger, you can use it as a dipping sauce for your fries.  Anyway, if you like spicy foods and you enjoy a good burger, give this one a shot.  If you do try it out, stop back here and drop me a comment and let me know how you liked it.

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6 thoughts on “Introducing Mr. V’s Burgers

    • Ha! It’s actually not that fiery. But I think you’d be surprised at how easy it is to find. I can’t speak for Piggly Wiggly (been a long time since I’ve seen that particular grocery), but it’s available in many of the groceries around here, generally in the international aisle.

      Hmmm…actually, back down in your neck of the woods, I’d bet you can find Pik-A-Peppa sauce quite easily, and though I’ve never used it in that manner, I bet replacing Sriracha with Pik-A-Peppa would be tasty as well.

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