Pic O’ The Day

Bath, England

Copyright: Stephen Ventura, October 2012


8 thoughts on “Pic O’ The Day

      • You know what? If it ever happens that I am there, I will remember you and your picture and go. I will feel like I am part of a myth and legend!

    • I know 😀 When we went there, at one point I made a statement to the effect “before the widespread use of modern indoor plumbing, people made monthly ‘pilgrimages’ here.” My pronouncement was not generally well received. 😀

      • Sometimes the Brits can be a bit stiff. I guess they often get the wrong impression from us free-wheeling yanks. 🙂

        • True…but they do have their moments of humor at our expense as well. I noticed a bumper sticker in London that read “Paul Revere Was A Snitch”. 😀

        • It just occurred to me that the color of the water in “Bath” might just possibly have contributed to the reason Brits used to be referred to as Limeys. 😀

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