Random Thoughts

There are two opposing yet equally true observations that might be made in life, one being that ‘haste makes waste’, and the other that ‘the early bird gets the worm’.  It must however be noted that the early worm gets eaten.

Pets are great, dogs and cats both.  They’re lovable, funny, loyal, cute, and a host of other adjectives indicating the joy they bring into our lives.  Still, every so often a pet owner will wake up in the morning, rub his eyes, sit up, roll his legs over the side of the bed and then stand up, only to find that one of his feet goes….squish.

Two’s company.  Three’s a crowd.  Four or more might become a gang of idiots.  That potential increases exponentially for every year under twenty the average age of the group is.

When your doctor tells you you’re about to feel a pinch, hold on tight cause guaranteed it’s gonna hurt like a sonuvagun.  Also be wary of the infamous warning “you’re going to feel some pressure.”

————more thoughts to come as they occur to me  😀 ———————————


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