Pic O’ The Day

Ludlow, England

Copyright: Stephen Ventura, October 2012


9 thoughts on “Pic O’ The Day

    • Thanks! I could spend years in England doing nothing but visiting all the towns and cities and villages and enjoying the history and the scenery.

    • Rebecca,

      Outside of America, I’ve been to Panama, Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, several places in the Caribbean, Great Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Estonia, Croatia, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, and Canada.

      In America, I’ve at least been through every state except for a bunch of the northern ones. I’ve been to every southern state except for Nevada and Utah.

      There are many places I long to visit, but whether or not I’ll get to do so before my life is done is debatable. I’ve never set foot in Africa or Asia, anywhere, and I’ve never been further south in the Americas than Colombia.

      I’ve also never been anywhere in the Middle East or North Africa.

      The places I would love to see the most out of the areas I’ve never been: China, Thailand, Japan, Egypt, Israel, Turkey,Tibet, South Africa, the Congo, Zimbabwe,
      Poland, Romania, Paris and the Loire Valley in France, Spain, Holland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Peru, Argentina, and Brazil.


      • I am impressed. I’ve been to Canada (one overnight business trip in which I saw nothing but hotel rooms) Portugal/Spain (pilgrimage with my church) Taiwan (business trip with some sight-seeing on the side) and Turkey, where I had to do a lot of formal stuff, but saw a lot as well. I’d love to do more. Just can’t afford it.

        • A good deal of my travels was possible because of where I was stationed while in the military. All of my Latin America experience came because I was stationed in Panama, and at least half of my travels in Europe was during the time I was stationed in Germany.

        • It’s all in how you look at it. I think with all that I’ve been blessed with in my life, I’ve gained some real wealth. Married to a great woman, got a great son, and have all kinds of stories to tell the two of them like the time I got chased by a crocodile. 😀

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