I dedicate this blog first and foremost to God.  May everything I post bring honor to Him.

Secondly, I dedicate this blog and all that I post to my beautiful wife.  She has supported and given me tons of advice in regards to my writing, and I’m immensely thankful for her and all she’s done.

I also dedicate the blog to my son.  He’s a strong, courageous, and good-hearted young man, and I wish him only the best for his life.


11 thoughts on “Dedication

    • To make a long story short, I enlisted in the Army. While I was in, my family moved to Kansas, and when I was discharged, I moved here as well. They were in Tonganoxie at first, then moved to Basehor. I stayed in Basehor for almost a year and then moved to Bonner Springs. I did move away, to Seattle, for about three years, then came back to Kansas and I’ve been here since. I currently live in Olathe.

      Now that my son is old enough to enjoy travelling, and he’s of the age to remember his trips, we’re taking short trips to explore the history and scenery of Kansas. Always an adventure! 😀

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