The Beauty Of Kansas

This page will be dedicated to photography from all over the state of Kansas, showcasing the simple beauty to be found throughout the area.  I’ll be adding new photographs from time to time.


10 thoughts on “The Beauty Of Kansas

  1. Mr. V., there is a place I’d like to recommend for you. My husband and I were puttering around Anderson County and discovered a beautiful church called St. Boniface in a community called Scipio. The church was founded (and continues to be run) by the Carmelites. The current church was built in the 1890s of native stone, and it is the most beautiful and serene place. The priest was nice enough to tell us about his order and the church’s history. He told us that his goal was to create a place to retreat for prayer. Here’s some information: I think it’s a place you would appreciate.

    • I enjoy pictures, whether photos or paintings/drawings, of barns and farmhouses, etc. To me they seem peaceful.

      I hope this drought doesn’t carry over into next year. As it is, the price of food is not going to be endearing through the next year.

  2. I loved Kansas whenever I got off the interstates. I also loved seeing all the turbines. One day, I was preparing to head out on the road when I encountered a caravan of trucks hauling just ONE of those giant blades out to the highway. That made my day. Them things are mind-boggling in their hugeness.
    Hoping your drought ends soon.

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